Lake O'Hara Lodge, Yoho National Park in the Canadian Rockies

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Can serene alpine beauty and outdoor mountain adventure sit side by side in the same place? Is it possible for rustic cabin charm and modern luxury to work together for an unforgettable getaway or business event?

Visitors to Lake O'Hara Lodge – the crown jewel of the Canadian Rockies – already know the answer.

For three generations, Lake O'Hara Lodge has stood sentry to one of the singularly most beautiful places on earth, where alpine meadows transition to mountain passes and gilded larch forests add a backdrop of serenity.

Our jewel of hospitality in the Canadian Rockies has, since 1926, played host to a unique group of visitors seeking the majesty of a glacier-clad peak, the calm of an alpine tarn, the rush of an icy stream or the solace of a sun swept meadow. At Lake O'Hara Lodge we welcome you with open arms.

We welcome you to our backyard, where guests of all ages can bask in the beauty of our surroundings, hike, ski or snowshoe our extensive trail system, enjoy fine cusine, or simply relax in the comforts and seclusion of one of Canada's most storied backcountry lodges. You will not find televisons, radios or internet connections at Lake O'Hara. Instead you will be entertained by the sights and sounds of a medium with far longer-lasting effects. 

Come and Discover the magic!

Alison and Bruce


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Spring in the Rockies

Wednesday May 7, 2014


Well the weather dosn't really know what to do. One day we are basking in the heat and the next we are putting on toques again. The snow is starting to disappear. It will be another month before we start to see the Anemones poking their white petals out and as usual the ice will be the last thing to leave off of the mountain lakes.

The lodge will re-open on June 19th for the summer season. We still have some availablity at the end of June. Call us to check or to enquire aboit cancellations throughout the summer.