O’Hara Under Blue Skies!

Just as people have different personalities O’Hara too exhibits different moods and perspectives depending on the weather. Of course the Bluebird days, with a hint of clouds, makes for exceptional photos; even by a guy like me. Enjoy these shots!

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Opabin on ones of those beautiful Bluebird days.

Opabin Glacier

High up on the Opabin Glacier looking back to Cathedral Mountain.

Opabin Ice Cave

Heading for the Opabin Ice Cave. Not sure how many more seasons it will remain. There are Crevasses lurking so don’t go wandering up on your own.


Shadows dancing on the fresh snow


Our Backyard from Odaray.


It looks like sand on a beach! White Powder Snow


A solitary person coming from lake McArthur


The O’Hara Skating rink

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