Something that they know they want to see or feel for themselves at least once or twice.


In fact, lots of people come to see us in the Canadian Rockies simply because they have an unforgettable mountain experience on their “bucket list.”


Among the many natural wonders that could fall into this category, one that we wholeheartedly recommend taking in is the amazing alpenglow that forms on our mountains around sunset or sunrise.

If you aren’t familiar with this phenomenon yourself, it has to do with the way a setting or rising sun illuminates mountain ranges, literally making them glow against a sharp mountain sky. On a crisp, clear evening, it can create an effect that is transcendent, and can’t really be described in words.

Not only does this give our guests a great opportunity for personal reflection or to practice their photography skills, it’s something that they can tell others about for years and years to come. Many people tell us that those moments they spent viewing the alpenglow made their whole trip.

If you haven’t yet seen the alpenglow in the Canadian Rockies for yourself, we hope you won’t miss out on the chance to share an unforgettable moment with your loved ones. While you’re here, these four other wonderful backcountry activities should definitely be on your Bucket List:

1. Backcountry skiing. If you haven’t tried skiing away from the popular resorts, you might not even know what you’re missing. Aside from the sweeping views you’ll find at every turn, and the mountain breeze blowing fresh snow and pine scents over you gently, you’ll get a perfect mixture of activity and relaxation on our trails.

2. Snowshoeing. This is another way to experience the unspoiled winter paradise that surrounds our Lodge, but at a more intentional pace, and with different terrain. Many visitors who try snowshoeing for the first time are amazed at how calm and serene the activity can make them feel.

3. Skating on our lake. Have you ever gone ice skating on a crystal-clear frozen lake and seen fish swimming below? If not, you probably can’t appreciate how much fun it can be. It’s just one of those little joys that makes winter in the backcountry different from everyday life elsewhere.

4. Enjoying our wood-fired sauna. No matter how you spend your days in the outdoors, you’ll be glad to come back to the lodge, which include cozy duvets, fine British Columbia wines, and “Scarlet O’Hara” our classic wood-fired sauna. Available each day throughout the winter season, the sauna is the perfect end to a long day of adventure, and might end up being one of the most unforgettable parts of your stay.

When was the last time you experienced something that truly lived up to your expectations? If you can’t remember, now is the perfect time to kick back and think about scratching a few items off of your bucket list. We can promise it will be something you’ll love remembering again and again for years to come.