In a new weekly post during our open season, I want to share with you one of the wines that we have been enjoying at the Lodge. Those of you who have followed my Ramblings in the past know that I am a huge supprter and enjoyer of British Columbia wines. For many years we have focused our attention on the wines of the Okanagan Valley and in so doing have found a number of great wines which we feel should not be kept a secret. Hopefully as you read thses weekly posts you will discover a mix of well known and not so well known hidden gems. Cheers….Let the tasting begin!


The Wine of the Week: February 14th, 2014

Moon Curser Border Vines 2009

As the temperatures fell this week blue skies appeared. The bright sunshine helps warm the body during the days ski outings. However, as the sun dips on the horizon and the Alpenglow begins the temparture has been plummeting. Retreating inside to the comfort and warm glow of the fireplace, we have been opening a few bottles of Moon Cursers Border Vines 2009.

Formerly known as Twisted Tree, this Osoyoos based winery has been growing grapes and producing wine since 2004. At the time they changed their name there were mixed feelings about the name Moon Curser. The snarled vines of a vineyard were the image evoked from the previous name. In homage to both their proximity to the US border and the Candian history of bootlegging, they chose the newer name: Moon Curser. As you can well imagine while trying to sneak across the border under the cover of darkness a full moon shining down would surely be a curse.

The label is fun and fanciful with black and white imagery of a wolf with a hint of gold for the lamp he carries to light their way. The Border Vines is Moon Cursers blend of six Bordeaux grape varietals. A big, but not too big wine with soft tannins, combine to make it an especially easy wine to drink with or without food.

Moon Curser Vineyards
3628 Highway 3 East Osoyoos,BC V0H 1V6