As I suggested in my first post red wine is often my wine of choice during the winter months. This week os no exception as we open the door to tehcellar and re-discover one of our long forgotten wines. This week we shift north from Osoyoos to the Naramata bench. Well regarded by consumers “The Bench” has many award winning wineries. No doubt you will see many others over the weeks highlighted in my ramblings. Cheers….Let the drinking begin!

The Wine of the Week: February 21st, 2014

Kettle Valley Shiraz 2005

This week we welcomed over 30 cm of fresh new snow. The smiles on peoples faces as we skied through the trees were memorable. A trip to the sauna after skiing, a shower and a meal amongst new found friends creates for a very memorable weekend. Our Cheff Henry had one of our suppliers ship up some Lamb Shanks, so… this week we were opening some Syrah or in our case a few bottles of Kettle Valley Shiraz 2005, which we have had tucked away for a number of years.


Located on the Narmata Bench, Kettle Valley Winery began their tenorship in 1992. In the early years the wines were produced out of the Ferguson’s double car garage, since replaced by a larger facility on the property. The wine tasting room still occupies that same garage space used many years ago. Kettle Valley’s long existence and stunning line up of wines has helped put the Naramata Bench on the map as one of the premier wine producing areas in BC. The successful partnership of the Ferguson and Watts families has ensured a consistency in both production and quality over the intervening 23 years. The winery is named for the Historic Kettle Valley Railway, whose trains once rolled through the Bench, replaced now by a well graded cycling path which you can travel between Chute lake and Naramata; passing through tunnels and over a number of beautifully restored trestle bridges.

The line up of wines from Kettle Valley is very extensive. Some folks feel that a winery shouldn’t or can’t try and produce a wine for everyone. Well, Kettle Valley Winery comes darn close to accomplishing this. It is hard to find fault with any of their wines. Choosing a wine from kettle Valley really comins down to personal preference rather than quality. This 2005 Shiraz has been lurking around our cellar for a number of years. When we first cracked the case a number of years ago none of us really enjoyed it. It was young, a little harsh with some distinctive flavour none of us could put our finger on. Another year passed and we cracked another bottle, it had changed although not distinctively. Another year goes by and we open it up. This time it has mellowed, softened and all the flavours have integrated well. I think 6 bottles went out one night last week. It shows that patience can pay off. Its classic Syrah like characteristics and concentrated flavours make this wine our wine of the week. We have had it with Lamb Shanks and Beef Tenderloin. It was also really great on its own.

Kettle Valley Winery

2988 Hayman Road, Narmata BC V0H 1N0