This summer was no different! Rather than dwell on the negative lets just say that our season ended in October with some of the most fabulous weather we have ever had at that time of the year.


The crisp and cool mornings and evenings were contrasted by the sunny and warm mid day. I can still feel the warmth of the sun sitting up at lake McArthur one afternoon taking in the snow covered peaks and the brilliant blue lake. Now as the snow flies and the lake freezes over our thoughts turn to skiing.


Ski season for the lodge starts at the end of January when the summer trails are well covered with that beautiful fluffy powder that the Rockies are known for. No one can predict with any certainty how much we will get, however what we do know is that come January our guests will be enjoying touring and snowshoeing around the valley.

In the meantime we are already preparing for next summers season; answering phones, booking folks in and getting organized. Part of that “getting organized” portion is selecting wines to add to our all BC wine list. A chore, which admittedly involves a significant amount of sampling! The BC wine scene has evolved dramatically over the past 10 years earning a respect from both Canadians and International oenophiles.

As the number of wineries and award winning wines increases the “chore” of selecting wines has actually become easier as the number of varietals and styles to choose from has grown exponentially. Looking back over the past season I thought it would be fun to share with you a sampling of some of the wineries and the wines, which our guests found particularly appealing.


  • Dunham and Froese
Amicitia White
  • Blasted Church
Hatfields Fuse
  • Joie
Noble Blend
  • Laughing Stock
Blind Trust White
  • Cassini Cellars


  • Dunham and Froese
  • Howling Bluff
Pinot Noir
  • Herder
  • Seven Stones
  • 8th Generation
  • Stoneboat
  • La Frenz
  • Road 13
5th Element
  • Perseus
Synergy Syrah
  • See Ya Later Ranche
Rover Syrah
  • Road 13

This is only a small sampling of the multitude of labels we have carried. Keep looking back for more suggestions.