Have you ever forgot to charge your phone and completely run out of battery, only to feel an instant surge of panic as you realize your connection to the outside world is now lost?

What if there’s an emergency?

Or an urgent email?

Or you see a really cute dog playing in the park that you have to capture and #dogstagram?

In our connected and online world, going without wifi, let alone cell reception, may affect every aspect of your day. From morning emails to long conference calls, constant communication has become the accepted norm to the way we live. As a result, people suffer. The consequences of being overworked include stress, anxiety, weight gain, and exhaustion (and that’s just personally, let alone the effect on your relationships!).

That’s why when guests learn that iPhones, Androids, or any other cellular device doesn’t work at our lodge, they have a sudden pause on whether or not they want to book with us. Especially when we mention that the Internet is not available…or televisions. So while many of our first time guests are slightly panicked to be “out of touch” at Lake O’Hara Lodge, it doesn’t take them long to realize the calming, peaceful, and relaxing affect that being offline provides.

In fact, it’s turned into the reason they come back every year. Only until they completely unplug, kick up their feet, and sit by the fire with a good read (from yes, an actual book), they quickly realize how much more relaxed and at ease they are.

And while we do have a landline that connects us to the outside world if necessary, knowing that they are completely unreachable creates a sense of freedom like never before. In fact, upon returning home and back to their daily grind, we’ve had many guests tell us that they realized these “urgent emails” really aren’t so urgent after all. Not only that, colleagues and employees were able to figure things out for themselves, removing the idea that they have to do everything in order for things to function properly.

In addition, they no longer were living their life through all Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds. These lessons are only learned if you completely remove yourself from our current culture, which stresses working around the clock and living vicariously through filters, hashtags, and check-ins.


And what’s even more important is the undisrupted time with you and your partner. Lake O’Hara Lodge allows you to be in touch with the people who you really care about, and have a real conversation without an electronic device in between you. Plus you can reconnect with nature and explore the great outdoors with our Internationally Certified Hiking and Skiing Guides.

If you want a digital detox, turning off your phone isn’t the answer; people need to get away and escape the distractions that come with work, life, and everything in between. That’s why places like O’Hara are becoming more and more in-demand, allowing guests to unplug and ‘plug-in’ with others, meet interesting people, and also get some exercise in a spectacular setting.