How many times have you checked your phone today, written an email, or perused Twitter? Chances are you’ve already logged-on at least once in the first hour of waking, and plan to do the same before you go to bed. And you’re not alone. A recent study in TIME Magazine found that 84% of people couldn’t go a single day without their mobile device, and 25% admitted they check their phone every 30 minutes. The old BALL AND CHAIN.


Everyone needs a break from work and whenever you are connected you just can’t really get away. Lose the Wi-Fi or the cell coverage and you can truly escape and start to relax. Combine this with a setting of exquisite beauty, add in your family or friends and you then have the perfect formula to re-energize and and revitalize yourself. It’s no secret that vacationing is important for our health, both mentally and physically! Whether you’re discovering new adventures or returning to that special place, unplugging is an essential activity everyone should do at least once a year.

Many plan their vacation in the peak season of summer. However winter in the Rockies provides an intriguing escape from those cold or rainy days in the city. So don’t slip into the city winter blues, otherwise known as SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). There are plenty of fun, outdoor activities that will recharge your battery. At Lake O’Hara Lodge, we offer a ton of experiences that will get you moving and enjoying the outdoors, while also taking the must-needed rest and relaxation.

Lake O Hara

Skiing, or snowshoeing on day trips with our experienced team of guides will lead you to incredible corners of the Rocky Mountains only viewed by a select few. Following a day of touring, you can end the night cozied up to the fireplace with an award-winning glass of merlot while dining on a free-range steak from local Albertan farmers.

A winter getaway will not only do wonders for yourself, but also for your relationship. More one-on-one time with your partner allows you to reconnect, shed stress, and experience what our beautiful country has to offer together. So let nature be your soundtrack and plan an escape. You deserve it.

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