I have had the opportunity to ski some pretty amazing places; The Alps, Iceland, the Canadian Rockies and a multitude of places in between. South Georgia Island, in the south Atlantic, has always intrigued me and so after many of nights  of  Scotch tasting and discussions with friend and Mountain Guide Larry Stanier, a plan was hatched for a “Trip of a Lifetime”.  I have attached Larry’s South Georgia Ski Adventure Info sheet below.

Intrigued; drop Larry an email for more of the details.

South Georgia1

South Georgia Ski Adventure

Most of the islands visitors come aboard passenger ships to explore the penguin colonies and visit the abandoned whaling stations at Grytviken while only catching a glimpse of what the island has to offer. We will be using an Antarctic tested sail boat to make the trip to the island, providing us with a comfortable home base in which to make excursions onto the island.

South Georgia2 SG3

Upon arrival in South Georgia our itinerary will depend somewhat on the weather. We need a good reliable weather window of at least 4 days to attempt Shackletons’ crossing. Until we get that forecast we will focus on skiing and exploring some of the coastal ranges. It seems that there is weeks worth of fantastic terrain to explore and that alone would make the journey worthwhile. If the weather is bad or we need a rest day, then we will visit the Penguin rookeries, seal colonies and Grytviken. Ideally we will have 13 days to explore the island before setting sail back to the Falklands.

Our plan for the “Shackleton” crossing will depend somewhat on snow conditions, group abilities and the weather forecast. We may go for a somewhat light and quick approach taking only one or two nights and using snow caves or carrying tents if it will be a four day crossing. We certainly will not try and bravely struggle across the traverse in poor weather, the goal is to admire the terrain Shackleton crossed and enjoy the trip. We can’t and won’t attempt to“out Shackleton” Shackleton:)

If anyone is unsure of their ability or desire to do the crossing, they are certainly welcome to stay on the boat and sail while we do the traverse. And, it is always possible that we will not get a big enough weather window to safely attempt the crossing. In any case a rest day on the boat seems like a fabulous way to spend a day!

We would return to Stanley on November 5th  or 6th  to fly back to Punta Arenas on Nov 7th . That gives us a weather window if the crossing back to the Falklands is difficult and allow us some time to explore Stanley and the Falklands.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions:

Larry Stanier: laristan@telus.net



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