We welcomed our first guests on June 15th, who arrived to an icy lake O’Hara. The last bits of ice finally floated down the creek on June 20th.


However, if you still want to see ice a few of the other lakes are still sporting “Bergy Bits”. With the high snowpack this past winter combined with cooler temperatures above 2000m this spring/summer was late arriving.

We have been out tromping the trails and have been hiking regularly to lake Oesa, East and West Opabin, lake McArthur, Linda lake, Wiwaxy and All Souls. With some residual snow still hanging above and on the Alpine Circuit trails as well as a concern for avalanches hitting the trail we have not been recommending those trails. Not long and they will be accessible.

The spring flowers have emerged with Western Anemones in all states of growth; popping through the snow to well on the way to their shaggy maned seed heads. Buttercups and Globe Flowers are showing beside the trails in those moist areas while the heather is coming out on the more sun exposed alpine trails.

The new green growth is bursting out on the larch trees and the Rhododendrons are leafed out and the flower buds just emerging. It is beginning to feel a lot like Summer.

Each new season brings many familiar faces back to the lodge and the area. It is a bit like seeing friends return, after a years absence, to summer camp. (The food is probably better and the beds way more comfortable). It also brings many new faces to O’Hara and it is always a treat to experience, through them, what it is like to glimpse the incredible Magic of O’Hara for the first time. It never gets old, whether it’s your first or fiftieth visit there is always something new to discover.

Each summer there are always new additions to the wine list at O’Hara. The Okanagan continues to produce some exceptional wines, both in value and character. Keep your eyes open for wines from Nagging Doubt, Okanagan Crush pad and Tom DiBello. We are enjoying some of their wines this summer along with some old favourites from Kettle Valley, Road 13, Howling Bluff, Poplar Grove, Moon Curser and many others.