Plagued by a long spell of Dry weather people were anxious to see some of the white stuff come our way. Thankfully I think the drought is over. The Rockies have seen snow finally in the past few days; some places more than others. Regardless when you have little every cm counts and reports suggest that conditions are great for cross country skiing right now.

Things are improving in the backcountry and with a little hunting we have had some great ski touring days recently in and around Kananaskis and along the Icefield parkway. Be cautious rights now; the additional snow loads and heavy winds in some places have really changed the Avalanche conditions. Makes sure you check out prior to heading out.

On the home front we are slowly getting geared up for the start of our winter season at Lake O’Hara. With the sun shining today I dug out our snow cat and groomed the O’Hara road. It is satisfying to see the transformation of the road from the single ski do track to the twin sets of cross country tracks and the centre skating lane.


My Ski Doo Track Early This morningP1050454

There were some very happy people to have the tracks in place after the past days snowfall. However one guy still walked all the way in carrying his skis!

Post Grooming

Post Grooming

Make sure you get out and enjoy the new snow. If you are looking for a backcountry winter experience please give us a call.