Though many know us for our snow-capped mountains, untouched terrain, and friendly hospitality, recently there has been another lure. In fact, it’s one of our best-kept secrets – until now.

Nestled in Yoho National Park, we’ve always been surrounded by wildlife. However, there is one animal in particular that frequently visits: the wolverine.

We’re not talking about the comic book character played by Hugh Jackman, but rather another stocky and muscular carnivore. The largest member of the weasel family, wolverines resemble mini bears and are a powerful species that have a reputation for their strength, able to prey on animals many times larger than themselves.



Though solitary animals, wolverines need room to roam, and Lake O’Hara appears to be a place for them to explore and stretch their legs. Throughout the summer months we regularly hear reports and observe videos guest have taken of Wolverines chasing down their next meal. Earlier this month, one area visitor posted a video on YouTube taken while skiing the 11km road leading up to the lodge. During the winter, this is the only way to access us, which gives you plenty of time to take in the beautiful scenery, get the heart rate up, and if you are as lucky as this individual spot a wolverine that could be travelling through.



Because they have excellent senses, especially hearing and will generally know you are coming a long time before you arrive, very few people have actually spotted wolverines. In fact, many people who have spent half their life in the wilderness have never seen one, which makes the numerous sightings at Lake O’Hara such a treat.

If you spot one on your way in or way out, don’t worry. The rules are simple with any wild animal: respect their space and they’ll respect yours. Stay still or move slowly – by then they’ll probably have escaped back into the forest!


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