We have been open now for two weeks and enjoyed dumps of fresh snow the first week and clear blue skies the second.

This past off season we were fortunate enough to acquire a new grooming/track setting machine from the Estate of the late Bob Freeze, who was the man behind Hawkridge, a private cross country ski facility south of Calgary. The equipment is a few years old, however its age is hardly noticeable after the tender care it received over the years.


What does this mean for O’Hara? Well, the machine does a masterful job of creating great classic ski tracks on the O’Hara road while leaving a strip of corduroy in the middle for people on fatter skies, people skating and for us to haul groceries and laundry behind our ski doo. It has been a learning curve working with the new equipment and each time we get better; thanks to advice from many, hours of driving by some of our staff and a few muscles to dig things out when we get bogged down. Anyway I think you will notice a difference.

With the great network of trails at Lake Louise which link up with the O’Hara fire road you can enjoy kilometers of well groomed skiing. And of course on Saturdays and Sundays you can culminate your trip to O’Hara with Soup, Salad and Dessert at the lodge between noon and 1:45 pm.


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