Today is the first official day of winter and how fitting as the snow fell all day at O’Hara creating a winter wonderland just in time for the holiday season.

With our summer season ending in early October and some amazing hiking we transitioned to “Pre-Winter” with a a big dump of snow at the end of October.  It had the ski hills all excited and opening early. With cries of “It is going to be the best ski season ever”, slowly echoing off the peaks the early snowfalls dwindled and October turned to November and November to December and the snow just wasn’t coming again. Not to wallow in the misery of a lack of snow there is a positive to all of this and that is the clear cold days created the perfect conditions for skating on the areas lakes and ponds. Hector, Two Jack, Johnson, Carrot and Spray all exhibited some of their best ice skating conditions ever. In fact I never recall Hector being frozen enough and clear all at the same time. Two Jack was like glass and Spray with its kilometres of clear ice made for an epic downwinder. It feels pretty magical to be able to skate on these mountain rinks with towering peaks providing sentinel as you stride for hours with fish obliviously swimming underneath your blades.

Winter Comes Again!

Well all things come to pass and the clear cold spell broke a few days ago and the snow began to fall.  Canmore and Banff got a dusting while Lake Louise and beyond had over 20 centimetres. Enough to get everyone excited and out chasing powder.

Today we headed to O’Hara to get the road trackset for the holiday season. With a nice fresh snowfall we were able to lay down some perfect corduroy and a double trackset trail to the lake. With the Yoho Blow coming up the Kicking Horse Valley the lower section of the trail was getting blown in, however after the first few kilometres the snow tapered off and the freshly groomed trail was holding up nicely.

As we were track setting there were lots of smiling faces coming out of the Elizabeth Parker Hut and a fresh set of smiling faces heading in. Those heading in will have a beautiful few days.

The Holiday Season

We will be spending our holidays skiing around the Bow Valley, 93 North and K Country. Looking forward to it.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a Holiday season. Hopefully we will see some of you at Lake O’Hara this winter. If you have never considered O’Hara as a winter destination don’t be the last to find out about its Magic. Give us a call 403-678-4110. You might have troubles connecting with us until January 3rd, 2018 as we will be enjoying the holidays with family and friends.

All the best from us to you.