Let loose our inner child and experience the joys and thrills that we used to love so much, without worrying about grown-up life.


In that spirit, we try to make it as easy as possible for our guests to unwind and let their inner child roam free. That’s because we know getting out into the wilderness isn’t just about getting away from the city – it’s also about putting some distance between you and your everyday life, along with the stresses and worries that we all have to deal with.


It is not unusual for our guests to find that, once they are here in the Rockies, their troubles just seem to melt away. Part of that is the beautiful setting, of course, but it’s also due to the fact they’re usually just having so much fun.

Do the same with your friends and loved ones!

Here are five great ways this winter to release your inner child and experience a bit of pure unadulterated joy in the backcountry:

Build a snowman. Is there anything better than going out into a fresh field of snow with your family and building a giant snowman? Surrounded by untouched wilderness, you won’t just find plenty of flakes, but also everything else you need to not only build a new winter friend, but also a memory that will last a lifetime.

Make a Snow Angel under the evening skies. With all of the responsibilities that most of us deal with on a day-to-day basis, it’s easy to forget how enjoyable it can be to simply go outside lay down on the snowy ground and watch teh night skies. If your energy levels are up maybe a friendly snowball fight, or simply enjoying a game of tag, you would be amazed at what “getting outside to play” can do for children of all ages (even those who haven’t technically been children for a few decades).

Enjoy a  cup of Hot Apple Cider. Of course, after a good time out in the cold, what could beat a steaming cup of hot apple cider enjoyed by a fire with a sweeping view of the lake and surrounding mountains? Everyone knows that cocoa tastes better after you’ve been having a bit of outdoor fun, and we have a huge selection of British Columbia wines to help you relax through the evening.

Snowshoe or ski to a prospect. What is a prospect? At O’Hara we think of prospects as view points. Not just any viewpoint but one which offers stunning views and a new perspective on the area. With a number of these special spots accessible during the winter you might just see O’Hara from a different perspective. With our guides we can get you there easily and safely. It is also a great way to get your heart rate pumping and earn those snacks and goodies on your return to the lodge.

Simply forget about the world for a while. One of the things we all tend to miss most about being children is simply not having grown-up worries to deal with. While any of these activities can help you with that, just being away in the wilderness might be enough to put your mind at ease. Why not find out for yourself and book a stay with us today?

Therapists and productivity experts like to say that a change of scenery or mindset can do wonders for just about anyone’s stress level. Having seen thousands of guests let loose and learn to play like kids again, we couldn’t agree more. If you’d love to have that feeling of being excited to go out and play back for just a little while, make your reservation for our lodge today.

What will your inner child get up to before a cup of Hot Apple Cider at Lake O’Hara?