I suspect most people have heard about or even experienced first hand the effects of the torrential rains in and around Calgary, Canmore and the Mountains.


Although paling in comparison to the events surrounding us we were not left unscathed ourselves. A major washout on the access road left us stranded with no means of exit or access. Cataract Brook was overwhelmed, left its course and took the path of least resistance removing a 5 meter section of the road. It created a new stream bed over a meter and a half deep.


With everyone in the area scrambling for equipment we were able to call on our contacts and had dump trucks, track hoes and a crew of people trying to put things back in order. In the meantime the few guests who were able to make it in the day before enjoyed the hospitality of the 22 staff here at the lodge. By Sunday afternoon we had the road rebuilt and had guests booked on the afternoon incoming bus.

Although some roads remain closed in the area alternative routes are open which allow people to get to O’Hara. The side benefit of all the rain is the effect it had on the snow, virtually melting it before our eyes. As a result the early season hiking is great! The flowers are coming out and the bird life has been amazing with a Bald eagle making daily appearances above the lake and a pair of Harlequin ducks paddling about; two rare birds to see.

Come take in some hiking and birdwatching at Lake O’Hara Lodge. Give us a Call!