We can understand the feeling. Our lodge is nestled in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.



Once you’ve seen it with your own eyes, you’ll probably want to return again and again with your loved ones.

At the same time, though, we know that lots of people have thought about coming to visit us in the past, but never got around to making a reservation because life got in the way, work and school projects are always coming up or felt that “… it is so hard to get into O’Hara”. Whatever teh excuse it’s easy to keep putting off a stay until “later,” which can easily extend years down the road.

But, because we know you’re going to love your stay in the Rockies, here are five reasons we encourage you to stop putting off a weekend visit and make your reservation today:

1. It’s beautiful in a way that’s hard to describe.

It’s one thing to see a photograph of an alpine lake or mountain valley on a postcard photograph, and another thing entirely to be surrounded by it. In our virtually untouched Canadian Rockies wilderness, you’ll understand the difference immediately, while being immersed in fresh air and scented firs.

Although pictures can’t do the setting justice, they are the closest we can come to sharing the actual experience of being here with you. To get an idea of what makes Lake O’Hara Lodge and the surrounding area so beautiful any time of the year, see our gallery of photos.

2. A weekend in the mountains is an entirely different kind of getaway.

The term “getaway” gets thrown around a lot, especially by people who really mean doing the same things they usually do in a slightly different place. In Yoho National Park, you are free from traffic, crowds, city noises, and even many forms of technology.

That can be liberating to guests, both young and old, who often feel more free, calm, and focused than they have in years.

3. There is great fun outdoors and indoors.

No matter when you come to our lodge, we can promise you’ll love the outdoor activities. From hiking in the summer to backcountry skiing and or snowshoeing in the winter, there are always wonderful things to do away from your room or cabin.

Back inside, guests enjoy the combination of friendly faces and rustic mountain charm. With hot showers, great food, and fine wines, there is plenty for you and your loved ones to enjoy indoors after a long day of experiencing the best of what the Rockies have to offer.

4. We are closer to home than you might realize.

We all know that it can be hard to find the time to really get away, but if you’re in Alberta or British Columbia, “away” might not be as far as you think. From most areas, Yoho National Park is accessible within just a few hours on the road year-round, meaning you can schedule a quick visit, enjoy a few days in an unforgettable setting, and be back home without any big travel plans or changes to your schedule.

The fact that you’ve been too busy or thought you couldn’t get in to visit the lodge in the past is all the more reason to schedule a trip today and leave your everyday worries behind.

5. It isn’t as hard as you think.

Every year we get tons of requests to come and stay at Lake O’Hara Lodge and as a result there is often the perception out there that you can never get in. Well it just isn’t true. Although there are very few openings once our season starts we often still have space available right up till the start. Here are a few tricks to get you in.

  1. Come in the winter. Get a group of friends together and rent the whole place out. We often have slots open in the winter so it is an easy and magical time to visit.
  2. Leave your preconceived ideas about what the best season is and try a different time of the year. Sure the Alpine circuit may be limited in June but the diversity of wildflowers and the avalanches roaring in the distance are not.
  3. Be flexible. If you have flexibility, and I mean I can can come any time, Yes you will get in.

Come visit us once, and we know you’ll see why so many couples and families return time and time again.