Countdown to our winter season opening!

We arrived up at the lodge last week to start opening up for the winter season. At the start of the season we anxiously wait to see what the temperature will be for our opening week. When it is minus 20 it makes opening that much more stressful; it takes longer to thaw things out, equipment can break easily and water lines can freeze up if you are not careful. This year has been a breeze; minus 6, sunny skies and a deeper snowpack to insulate the pipes and building foundations. All combining to make us very happy and well ahead of schedule.

Our group of keen and eager staff arrived a day later to jump in and get rid of the cob webs, practice making a perfect bed and dialing down the ins and outs of carrying multiple plates in the dining room. We are on track for opening day February 1.

Weekend Lunch at the Lodge

Starting on February 3rd and each subsequent Saturday and Sunday until March 22nd, we will be serving our winter lunch to those skiers wanting to join us after their ski up the road. We serve a simple lunch consisting of Soup, Salad, Dessert and Coffee or Tea for $25/person ( cash only up here). We serve lunch from Noon till 2 PM with the last seating at 1:45, so plan to be early as it is first come first serve.

An Artists Mystery part 4

Time is fast approaching for the reveal of our new addition to the art collection at Lake O’Hara Lodge, where it will take its prominent place above the fireplace. The painting arrived well protected and crated for a journey on our snowcat. We had it acclimatize to the Lodge for the past 24 hours and will let it sit awhile longer in its wrapping while the lodge thaws out before hanging it to await our first winter arrivals.

Stay Tuned!


I think you are starting to get the “Picture”