The last three weeks has been full of a flurry of activity as we wake up the lodge after its spring nap.


It is always exciting to start the new season with the return of familiar faces to our staff ranks and the addition of some new ones as well.

Although the Marmots appear to still be sleeping we have seen up to 13 mountain goats with their young kids, grazing up on the slopes of Wiwaxy.This seems to be our resident crew, spending the winter months hunkered down amongst the snow on Opabin and the Huber ledges.


The other treat this spring was the sighting of a Wolverine. During our ski touring trips in the winter we often see their tracks however we rarely get a glimpse of one.

Everyday new flowers are poking out of the ground; buttercups, Anemones and Globe Flowers abound at this time of the year down by the lakeshore. The wiwaxy trail unveils a number of early bloomers with its south exposure. A good flower book will help you identify those plants not quite in bloom.

We are excited about the start of the new season and look forward to seeing you this summer.