You will find a multitude of Yoho and Banff National Park Hiking guide books on the market, including some written for foreign visitors in their own language. All of these books will tell you what the “absolute best hikes” are in the Canadian Rockies. Each book has its own bias and my list is obviously no different.

What helps me define what are the best hikes? I like places not over run by a multitude of people, hikes that have a vast majority of the trail above or near tree line where un-interrupted vistas are revealed and lastly there is an opportunity for seeing either wildlife or amazing flowers.

So as the title indicates, these are MY top hikes. Not the definitive list, and not the only list; just my favourite hikes.  Get out and explore and discover your own top hiking destinations.

My hikes are not listed in any ranking order as they all rank No. 1 in my mind. Download them here.