Once again the media called and I headed into Calgary for a stint on Breakfast Television Calgary to share both my passion and information about the great sport of alpine touring. I think that is it for my Camera debuts this season as we are now up and running at the lodge and really skiing rather than talking about it.

Whether you’re a novice skier or avid mountaineer, the number one thing to remember before you hit the fresh powder is safety. You always want to play safe in the backcountry and you can watch the clip to see what safety equipment you need to carry with you when you venture out into the backcountry. Think of  the safety equipment like your seatbelt; you always wear it but hope you never really need to use it.

New to the sport? Well before you head out you’ll need to ensure you have the right gear. To see what exactly you need, check out the segment here: http://www.btcalgary.ca/videos/4698566411001/

Happy Skiing!