I am no TV personality however over the past two months I have made both my debut and a subsequent follow-up on Calgary Breakfast television. If you were tuning into Global News Calgary on Saturday, December 12th and again Jan 11th you may have caught me on the set talking about alpine touring. As more and more people ditch the lift lines of the ski hill and venture into the backcountry the popularity of Alpine touring has exploded. In search of fresh powder, ski enthusiasts are seeking  untouched terrain, and thanks to advancements in gear, it’s catching on fast. Forget chair lifts or gondolas; in this method, skiers hike up to the top of the mountain before skiing down enjoying the camaraderie, wilderness experience and of course the untracked Powder.

Though we’ve offered this service for years, more and more of our guests are asking to be led by our International Mountain Guides to experience AT. To learn more about alpine touring, take a peek at the interviews as they share my love of the sport and why it is surging in popularity, as well as safety and gear tips to get started.