Our early season was one filled with rain, rain and rain. With the onset of August the weather has been amazing.

The cooler weather early on in the summer slowed the emergence of the spring flowers which has meant that they have stuck it out into September. Arnicas, Fleabanes, Valerians and Paintbrush still can be found in the meadows and of course the shaggy seed head manes of the Western Anemone are out in profusion.


In all its moods O’Hara is a wonderful place, however with clear blue skies and warm temperatures it has allowed everyone to savour the views, complete the “Alpine Circuit”, and linger over lunch all while sunning themselves like a Marmot at their favourite viewpoint.

We know the weather will change with the first sign being the emergence of the Golden larches. There are a few Golden sentinels starting to appear with the peak still a week or so away.

When is the best time for the larches?

The larch trees begin their transformation as the days of summer fade into fall with the onset of shorter days. Since the change is tied to day length and not temperature, almost like clockwork, the peak time for the show is the third week of September. A walk out to Opabin Prospect with the forest full of Golden larches is like walking in some sort of surreal Zen garden. Hard to explain but worth the experience.

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