Being off the beaten path as we are, evenings must be spent sipping wine by the fire… right?


Although some of our guests undoubtedly do like to enjoy a calm, relaxing evening after a day of adventures outside, “after dark” can be a relative term, depending on when you schedule your stay. In fact, the clear nights with full moons that are prevalent during the winter season bathe the lake and surrounding area in so much beautiful, surreal light that it might not seem like evening at all.

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The moonlight is gorgeous, of course, but it also opens up the area to all kinds of wonderful evening activities. Here are just a few of the ways you can enjoy a full winter moon in the Canadian Rockies:

Evening Snowshoeing.

As beautiful as the backcountry skiing is are during the day, under the light of a full moon, the area takes on a storybook quality that’s almost impossible to describe. The peace and calm, mixed with a light frost and gentle breeze, can give the ultimate snowshoeing experience. Bundled up and with a pair of our snowshoes on head out onto the lake and some of the gentle surrounding terrain, make sure you check in with us first to know where it is safe to go, this can be one of the greatest ways to get a sense of what makes the area so magical.

Moonlight ice skating on the lake.

With a glow spread across a crystal-clear skating surface, gliding across the lake is unlike any other experience you can have on ice, indoor or out. Movements take on a new grace and beauty, and there is a pulse-quickening sensation that doesn’t just let you know you’re very alive, but that you are holding on to a moment that is absolutely thrilling and unforgettable all at once. Even if you don’t have a pair of skates then a pick up game of shinny hockey under the watchful eye of the surrounding peaks and a full moon is like “Skating with the Stars”

Playing frisbee in moonlit fields of snow.

Games like Ultimate Frisbee or frisbee golf can be fun and lighthearted under any circumstances, but in a pristine, moonlit field, they have an added dimension of excitement. The light reflecting off the snow makes your surroundings glow, and Frisbees easier to find. And at the same time, the still air makes conditions perfect for catching, throwing, and laughing for hours.

Spending late hours inside next to the fireplace.

Of course, even the most active groups will have to come in from the moonlight some time. When they do, the lodge staff will have a roaring fire going in our fireplace and of course you can still enjoy a glass of one of our wide selection of award winning British Columbia wines. You can enjoy it while lounging on a couch in the lodge or upstairs gazing out the picture window overlooking the lake and surrounding area. Once you feel like you’ve had enough adventure and relaxation, you can retire to a hot shower and some of the most comfortable bedsanywhere in the Canadian Rockies.

Experience a full moon.

Experience just one full moon in Yoho National Park this winter, and you might find that the evening becomes your favourite time to enjoy the fun outdoors and the comfort inside. For us, the time after the sun sets isn’t necessarily dark, just the next time to get out and enjoy one of the world’s most beautiful settings.

Looking to schedule an unforgettable weekend, or an extended time away with family and friends this winter? Be prepared with our backcountry packing list!