Fairview Cellars is a small Owner operated winery located just outside Oliver in the Golden Mile area. The property was purchased back in the early 90’s, coming into production a few years later. The location and characteristics of the site were felt to be ideally suited to Bordeaux varietals and so Bill started plantings of Cabernet sauvignon vines. Many folks often state that the Okanagan can not produce good Cabernet Sauvignons, well I think Bill’s wines should put that falacy to rest. The terroir of Bill’s plot and his attention and care of his vines help to produce Cab. fruit which forms the back bone of most of his wines. Pay him a visit and decide for yourself!


The Wines from the Fairview Cellar Library

The Wines of the Week: March 1st, 2014

Fairview Cellars Cabernet Franc 2004

Fairview Cellars Cabernet Franc 2006

Fairview Cellars The Bear 2005

Fairview Cellars Iconoclast 2009

It was a real treat to be able to try wines from Bill’s Library collection, wines which people would have never had the opportunity to try. Starting with the two Cab. Francs people could get an idea of what aging really can do to a wine. At the start of the meal the 2006 was the front runner however after a few minutes sitting in the glass the 2004 began to shine and never lost its luster throughout the meal. Soft and gentle on the palette with incredible flavour it was a crowd favourite. It wasn’t hard though to see that the 2006 would soon attain the same characteristics as the 2004 after a few more years of cellar time. Moving along; the Bear, a Cab. Merlot blend and the Iconoclast, a straight up Cab. Sauv. were poured. These two wines were paired with Beef Tenderloin. Many enjoyed the Bear with its mild tannins, great nose and complex flavours. My personal favourite was the Iconoclast; a bold and big wine worthy of enjoying with a premier piece of tenderloin. Not too sure how it would be on its own as the marrying of the tannins and the beef made it work well for me. The iconoclast was the youngest of the wines and therefore easily has a few more years in which it could develop even further.

Regardless of which wine was the personal favourite all the wines of Bill’s were stellar. A testament to his passion as a winemaker.