After all, we are open both in the winter and summer and we have three unique seasons in the summer; our spring, mid summer and larch season.



This is never a straight answer as each season brings its special qualities.That answer is going to depend on each individual and group. Here are a few general impressions to keep in mind:

Spring in the Rockies is great for beating the heat and avoiding the crowds!

For many people spring starts in April, well at O’Hara spring starts in June. This is the time of year when life is waking up after the winter. The flowers are coming out in abundance, many people rave about the carpets of wildflowers in mid July, however few know that in reality we have more flowers blooming in late June. Mountain Heathers, Moss Campion, Globe Flowers and Western Anemone are only a few who reveal themselves early. During this time the upper mountain peaks are still coated in their last vestifes of the past winters snowfalls, making them stand proud. The waterfalls and streams are running at their peak, and as we all know there is something mesmerizing and magical about water!. Lastly, the long days June and early July, till 10 or 11 pm you can still take a stroll around the lake.

Lake O’Hara Lodge is the perfect destination for your spring getaway especially for those visitors from more southern climes where the heat and humidity are pushing into the 90’s. O’Hara offers cooler mountain temperatures, as well as peace and solitude. If you haven’t been to the mountains in the spring, O’Hara spring that is, it is something you’ll want to experience.

Summer at O’Hara is great for hiking the alpine trails, getting away from the high traffic tourist towns and a braving a swim in a bracing alpine lake.

As the mountains shed the last of their winter coat, as do the mountain goats on the surrounding cliffs, the high alpine trails open up. Renowned for the trail engineering by the legendary Lawrence Grassi, these trails provide some of the most spectacular hiking in the Canadian Rockies. The “Alpine Circuit” is on many people’s must do list. The Alpine Circuit, takes you to three high view points each with a different perspective on the area. Completing the alpine circuit takes a lot of energy but the rewards are worth it, maybe even catching a glimpse of a family of Mountain goats with their fresh white summer coats. Although not known as a water sports destination, to brave a dip in a mountain lake on a hot summer day is bracing and invigorating. If you are up at lake Mcarthur you might even catch the staff cliff jumping. Regardless of what your route or destination the summer season has something for everyone.

Larch season offers unparelleled soliude and beauty.

Many of the joys of the Larch season at the lodge are similar to what you’d find in the summer. The weather still tends to be wonderful, with clear, crisp days that feel rejuvenating. However the real treat is the Golden Larch trees. When do they turn colour? Well almost like clock work or more accurately the length of the day/night, the trees start their annual colour change the middle of September reaching peak around the 22nd. This colour change provides the perfect inspiration for photographers, painters, or even those who are simply looking for a relaxing hike. If you have not been to see the Larch trees it is something that should be on your list.

A winter paradise…

Despite the joys of summer and fall, winter is a special time at Lake O’Hara. What crowds exist in the summer, in reality with the quota on the area there may well be only 200 visitors in the whole O’Hara area during a summer day, are gone and we are often have the area to ourselves. With kilometers of fresh snow and untouched wilderness, it’s an absolute paradise for backcountry skiing or snowshoeing.

Those activities, combined with the natural stunning beauty of the area, draw in visitors from throughout Western Canada and farther afield. You just can’t find a better setting for enjoying the backcountry and alpine views while staying in premium mountain luxury accommodations. When stunning views, exciting outdoor fun, and fine wine and dining come together, it’s no wonder visitors can’t stay away.

If you’re looking for the ultimate winter paradise in the Canadian Rockies, you have to come stay with us soon and see why our lodge is like no other place on earth.

So, when is it really the best time to visit Lake O’Hara and Yoho National Park? That’s easy – whenever you can get away. The fun and adventure last year-around, and there is always something amazing to see, do, or try. So, check your calendar to see when you can get away, and then call us today to make a reservation.

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No matter the season, there’s always something to do in the backcountry and around the lodge.