Merry Christmas Everyone!

It has been some time since this space has seen my pen. Despite the lack of posts we have been busy at the lodge over the past winter and summer seasons. We are now getting excited for our upcoming winter season. The stage has been set with unprecedented dumps of snow this past week here in the Rockies.

In the meantime keep checking this space for updates about our latest addition to our Art Collection.

Watch the space… above the fireplace.

The spot over the mantle of the fireplace at Lake O’Hara Lodge is one of the most prized pieces of art-hanging real estate in the Canadian Rockies. In 2020, the pastel that has graced this spot for many years will give way to a new painting.

Coming to O’Hara from East Dennis, Massachusetts, the new work of art is presently under study to pinpoint its age, analyze its pigments and structure, and clarify its origins. Through this research, we hope to find out who painted it. A unique, custom-made frame – based on the design work of Group of Seven painter and Lake O’Hara devotee, J.E.H. MacDonald – is being hand-carved for the painting, and the work in its new frame will be revealed during the Lodge’s Winter 2020 season.

Stay tuned for more on this work as the mystery unfolds.

Watch as the puzzle comes together!