A new piece of art for Lake O’Hara Lodge

After months of discussions with art dealers and critics Lake O’Hara Lodge obtained a new piece of Art to grace the space above the fireplace. Its purchase was possible thanks to a generous anonymous donation.

Detail of Frame construction

A Masterwork after a Master

John Singer Sargent’s masterwork Lake O’Hara, September, 1916, has hung in the galleries of the Fogg Art Museum in Boston since it was executed that summer. It is an iconic work, a calling-card for the Canadian Rockies, for Yoho National Park, and most of all, a depiction of the best-known view at Lake O’Hara. Aspiring painters, established painters, and students would often hone their own craft by copying the masters, and Sargent was an American master. This work is most likely to be by the hand of a follower of Sargent, and closely matches not only his style, but his method and composition. Research continues on this intriguing work.