Food & Wine

The Lake O’Hara Lodge experience wouldn’t be complete without the mouth watering delights created in our kitchen.

Our talented kitchen team spends their day baking fresh bread, making soups and creating meals to remember. Although our location is remote, our Chef is able to access fresh local ingredients. In season we work with a supplier out of the Okanagan valley to gather fruit and vegetables from a variety of farmers. Our meats come to us from a select group of small producers in Alberta, supplied by a couple of local butchers and our fish is caught fresh off the coast of BC.

If you enjoy wine or beer we have an award winning wine list featuring exclusively BC Wineries. We work with a number of small producers, 53 at last count, some of whom we have worked with since their first vintage over 20 years ago. Coupled with local brewers we have a beer or cider for you. A few Scotch selections and Bruce’s famous Pisco Sour round out our wine list. We love wine and are always happy to chat about the burgeoning BC wine industry.

Although dinner is the focus meal of the day, you won’t go hungry prior to that. Our breakfast buffet and hot breakfast options will get you started on your day.

For lunch our kitchen crew make some delectable sandwiches that you can pack with a wide selection of other goodies off our lunch buffet and take along with you as you head out for a day on the trails.