The staff at Lake O’Hara is like family and we are very proud of the people who make this place happen. Without our talented and energetic crew, Lake O’Hara Lodge would not be what it is today.

Each summer, a group of young, dynamic people join us to help make beds, drive buses, serve tables and create inspiring dishes in our kitchen. Our 90 year old property requires a huge amount of upkeep and our versatile maintenance crew is up to the task. They are wastewater treatment managers, vacuum toilet specialists, painters, carpenters and the list goes on!

A summer at Lake O’Hara is not all work. Our staff comes from across Canada to enjoy the same things our guests do – an opportunity to hike, climb and play in one of the most stunning locations in the Canadian Rockies. When they are not out playing, you can often hear them jamming on guitars and mandolins, keeping alive the long standing tradition of combining music, hiking and work at the lodge. Those of you fortunate enough to watch one of our Saturday Night Shows will understand what we are talking about.

If you are interested in learning more about summer work opportunities at Lake O’Hara Lodge, please contact our office in December or January to inquire about the application process. Come experience the magic! We look forward to hearing from you.